The process of working together with others to achieve a shared goal, create something new, or solve a problem. Collaboration involves open communication, trust, and a willingness to contribute and learn from one another.

The value of collaboration represents a commitment to working together towards a common goal. It means seeking out and valuing the unique contributions of others, and being willing to compromise and negotiate in order to achieve shared objectives.

Systems Thinking and Integrated Delivery require a Shift In Mindset from “silo” to “system.” This requires collaboration between all the parties involved with a Program of ActionThere is only one program, one intention, one vision, one system, and one goal.

This includes the owner, receiver, program manager, IPD Teams, trade partners, operational personnel, and the global community that will inherit and operate the System.

For a team of teams to truly succeed and thrive in Integrated Delivery, collaboration must go far beyond intellectual assent to “collaborate”, and into the actual behaviors and Verbs that constitute "collaborating."

The Goal is to forge living entities that are akin to a single organism, collaborating at the deepest cellular / DNA level for the wellbeing of the greater Whole. This is the essence of true Higher Order Functional Unity. **_True functional unity of the highest order System is very closely related to The Goal.

Collaboration includes transparently and freely sharing Information (including real-time issues and concerns) with others and learning from the talents, experiences and performance of others. Real collaboration cannot happen without Trust amongst the team members.