Stacking Up And Aligning

Stacking Up and Aligning refers to the process of bringing individual and collective efforts into alignment with a shared vision, purpose, and goal. It involves aligning personal and team goals, values, and objectives with those of the larger system and community, and working together effectively towards a common outcome.

In the context of the Lionsberg System, Stacking Up and Aligning is a key component of the Lionsberg Integrated Delivery System and the Lionsberg System of Work. It involves aligning personal and team goals with the shared Vision and Goals of the Lionsberg System, and working together effectively towards The Goal that unites us All.

Stacking Up and Aligning requires individuals to reflect on their personal vision and purpose, and to align them with the shared Vision and Goals of the teams they participate in, and the Lionsberg System as a Whole. It also requires individuals to assess their current situation, resources, constraints, and opportunities, and to build strong relationships and work effectively with others towards shared goals and objectives.

By Stacking Up and Aligning our Visions and contributions, individuals, teams, and the Team of Teams can focus their efforts and work together effectively towards our shared Vision and Goals. It helps to ensure that individual and collective efforts are aligned with the larger system, and that the work is completed on time, within budget, and to the desired quality standards so that All can flourish.

It is the stacking up and aligning of many unique visions and goals, in service of the Meta Goal, that causes the Whole to function as one body towards one Vision and Goal.