2.8 A Last Gasp For the Bull Run

By 2008, it appeared that The Game might be nearing its end, and that the hegemony of the US Dollar might collapse, like British Pound and Dutch Gilder before, and back to declining Roman Empire that began "watering down" the mix of gold and silver in its currencies during its decline and fall.

However, possessing no apparent limit to the ability to fabricate currency, the Fed decided to begin purchasing mortgage backed securities and the debt of government sponsored entities in order to stave off the collapse.

From $35 in 1971, the price of gold passed $300 in 2003. $400 in 2004. $500 in 2005. $900 in 2008. $1,000 in 2009. $2,000 in 2020.

So what's happening? Why is everything so expensive? Why are supply chains shaking? And why is the wealth and opportunity gap between the rich and the regular folks so high?

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