2.4 The Dashboard of Society - An Allegory

Let us imagine Society as a Vessel we are navigating through Space and Time towards our Destiny.

Let us imagine the Vessel of the Existing Order with a dashboard, with gauges for each of these 7 factors, and many more, color coded green, yellow, or red.

As the Vessel of Society navigates through Time, when things are going well and we are on track towards Destiny, the gauges are all green. The Vessel is healthy, functioning, and flourishes.

Now imagine that at some point in Time, suddenly one of the indicators flashes red, and two others flash yellow.

Something is wrong.

So we pull the Vessel over to the side of our Pathway towards Destiny, make some adjustments, bring things back in order, and continue on our Way. As we get back on the road towards Destiny, we still have some faint yellow, but with green and a bit of yellow, we can continue along and hope that things settle down.

But now imagine that a little further along in our Quest through Time, we suddenly can feel the metal on metal grinding of gears, we start to smell smoke, and then all the indicators on the dash turn RED IN UNISON. We turn around to alert the passengers, and discover that the cabin is a mess, they are bitterly fighting, and on the verge of civil war. Uttering a big sigh, we turn our eyes back ahead and look out the windshield, and we see an army of terrifying enemies emerging out of the wilderness, warily approaching the Vessel and beginning to probe its defenses. Desperate for options and repair, we grab our wallet, and discover that it is empty. Not only that, but after the massive loans we took out and the scams we pulled in the last town to fix last crisis, it is unlikely anyone will lend us money or help. Looking out the other window, we see a warning sign, and realize that the place in Time we have arrived and broken down at is marked by fires, hurricanes, and natural disasters that we now lack the resources, unity, and will to competently navigate through. And what are those new weapons and technologies they are wielding? Our Vessel was not designed to stand up against attacks by those!

Suddenly, the Vessel we were navigating towards our Destiny begins to look like a tomb.

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