2.3 The Reality and Causes of Collapse

A corrupt house divided against itself naturally crumbles and decays. The America we thought we knew, and its world order, is crumbling.

While the power structures of each generation often appear to them as unshakeable, the reality is that the power structures of the known world tends to shake and reset every 50 to 250 years throughout history. Let's call 100 years a reasonable average.

Having last reset in the 30s and 40s, we are rapidly approaching this centennial milestone.

The collapse of every corrupt world order is an inevitable reality.

In over-simplified terms, what usually fuels the collapse and reset is a combination of:

  1. Cultural decay
  2. A Lack of Shared Vision and Values
  3. Debt, overspending, and inflation
  4. Internal division and conflict
  5. External conflict
  6. Acts of Nature / God
  7. Science and Technology

These interrelated forces work together to determine how much "pressure" there is on and within a system.

The cycles repeat themselves predictably over time. To find a time when there was this much pressure on a global order, we need to travel back in time hundreds or perhaps thousands of years, and then, the world was different.

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