2.18 The Rich Get Richer

Because the rich and The Giants own the vast majority of the equity in valuable things, along with the newly created debt, The Rich and The Giants once again benefit from the rising prices and interest rates.

The prices of their stocks go up, the prices of their real estate go up, and the prices they charge the working class for rent and debt goes up.

This occurs at the same time the value of the money they are paying to their working class wage slaves goes down.

As regular folks struggle to hang onto assets, the rich are able to buy and aggregate large amounts of them at discounts.

Because they are aggregating far more than they could ever use, they then rent them back to the regular folks they stole them from for profit.

Saying that this system enables the rich and political to secretly steal from and exploit the regular folks systematically over time might be hyperbole. It might be kind of True. Or it might be exactly True.

What do you think? What % True is a statement like that?

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