2.19 The Poor, The Weak, The Elderly, And The Working Class Get Squeezed

The Poor, The Weak, The Elderly, and The Working Class, now getting paid for their labor or retirement with dollars that are worth less, find themselves struggling to afford the basic necessities of life.

And while the the rich, The Giants, and The Government collude to command the printing presses, the poor cannot. They cannot inflate their way out of debt.

This again rightly fuels discontent and cries of injustice and foul play.

The rich, The Giants, and The Government retaliate against those who complain, imprison those who struggle, and force the poor to work harder and more jobs.

There is a viciously cutting line in a song that says:

He asks a man for what he can spare with shame in his eyes...

"Get a job, you fucking slob" is all he replies.

Eventually, the weaker and less privileged actors who took on debt, and are now faced with rising interest rates, default on their debt obligations.

So too do those who took the most risk and employed the most leverage.

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