3.4 The 2024 US Election

Adding to the pressure on the Vessel of Society, there is a reasonable probability that the unwinding may begin to occur during the run up to the the 2024 US Election, which unless we intervene has two obviously deceitful and corrupt sides at each other's throats, willing to fight and use force, deceit and compulsion to win, and willing to corrupt the system and break the rules in order to strengthen their own positions and power.

Even worse is the reality that these corrupt Visible Power Structures are being puppetted by even more corrupt and collusive Invisible Power Structures.

With deep distrust and division already brewing, a corrupted 2024 election has every potential to shatter the confidence of Americans in a "democracy" they feel slipping from their fingers.

If we lose trust in democracy and believe the "other side" is willing to cheat and use force to prevail in their evil schemes, it becomes morally justified and even required in our minds to use force to prevent that outcome.

This pushes the population into deep fear-based antagonism and resentment towards "the other side", where the mission becomes not what is best for the country, but the defeat of the radical opposing candidates who are increasingly seen as an existential threat to the nation.

Election by election, the process loses its Truth, Integrity, and Justice, and the experiment in democracy hurtles towards its end.

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