8.1 Navigating Towards Heaven or Hell

We stand at an amazing inflection point in the epic story of humanity aboard Worksite Earth.

Having come so far, through so many toils, strains, and snares, we are now faced with a seemingly insurmountable challenge.

From where we are, we cannot even imagine how GOOD the future could be if we were to establish a New Covenant, and partner with God and each other to navigate towards Heaven on Earth.

Conversely, our present trajectory of deceit, division, and dysfunction tends towards a future that is unimaginably worse that the world we thought we were living in.

We are asleep in a building that is on fire. But it is possible to awaken one another, save one another, and leap forward together towards our Destiny.

Heaven or hell on Earth are possible and right here at hand. The choice is ours, and it will impact generations and generations to come.

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