9.1 My Offering

I may be totally inadequate and the world may choose to reject me, however as a visionary and builder who can see things coming, and who understands how to organize diverse arrays of stakeholders to bring Intention Into Reality, I have prepared a New Vision, Strategy, and Plan which we could choose to implement together.

When a psychologist analyzed my personality and the results of a 360 degree evaluation from those around me, they stated that they had seldom seen a personality so perfectly suited to leadership and execution under crisis.

My Mission and burning desire is to initiate a historic multi-generational project to confront and overcome the Meta Crisis we are facing, vanquish corruption and injustice, and co-create heaven on earth.

How it unfolds may be something like a project. Our progress along the critical path may feel like a Quest towards The Goal of Highest Worth. When forces of darkness object, it may look something like war.

Many of us with face grave dangers. Some of us may go to prison. Some of us may die. But no matter the sacrifice, it will be small in comparison to the suffering that lies ahead if we fail to reunite our Selves to God and One Another, and work together to fulfill the will and intention of God, on Earth as it is in Heaven. And there is no greater honor that to die in pursuit of the Most Worthy Goal.

I have laid out the New Vision and Plan at a high level in Beyond The Meta Crisis - A Blueprint for a Better Future, and A New American Revolution - A Vision for a Stronger, Freer, and More United Nation.

I have established a legal and governance infrastructure for the citizen led joint venture.

I have established a backbone technology to connect and empower those who resonate around the world. If 8 billion of us chose to login, we would all be connected to everything we have come to know as a human species, and we could equip and empower one another to rise towards the fullness of our individual and local potential and flourish in harmony.

I have established a gathering place for people and resources called Lionsberg.

I, and everything I have built, am yours if you choose to accept it.

I am willing to lead and take responsibility for our success or failure.

If you believe in me and would like to advance this Mission together, visit www.JordanNicholas.org and Join The Movement.

When we hit The First 1,000, we will have the resources in place to publicly announce and launch.

To find The First 1,000, I will be podcasting, traveling, speaking, and writing, and inviting those who resonate to visit www.JordanNicholas.org and Join The Movement.

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