19. None Of Us Until All Of Us

As one body, we know that in our Apparently Individuated selves, When One Part Of The Body Suffers, The Whole Body Suffers.

As One Body, we know that in our Ultimately Interexistent Selves, When One Part Of The Body Suffers, The Whole Body Suffers.

As One Body of Co-Creation, aboard One Planet hurtling through Universe, we know that wherever we are going, we are going there together.

From the standpoint of an interexistent crisis of crises / Meta Crisis, we understand that only a widespread, nearly universal shift in our Way of being can prevent Collapse.

And we understand that no one is safe or ok during a Collapse.

From the standpoint of the Living System, we understand that the Energy, Air, Water, and Microbiome are all interconnected and in Planetary Flow, such that what we do to the energy, air, water, soil and microbiome in any area, we do to the Manifest Spirit of the Creator and All Creation in all Times and Places.

In an Ultimately Interexistent Universe, what we do to others or the Living System, we very specifically and literally do to our Selves and our own One Body.

None of us can reach The Promised Land unless and until we all do. We can only Enter In To Paradise together.

In an Ultimately Interexistent Living System, armed with Nuclear Weapons and AI, conflict and division are Omnicidal.

It Has To Be Utopia Or Oblivion For Us All.

The Patterns of Life lead towards Heaven On Earth.

The Patterns of Death lead towards Hell On Earth.