Apparent Polarities

Apparently Polarities must be Consciously Mediated, integrated, balanced, and cohered so that one's local and universal existence is Properly Ordered and Wise.

In the Lionsberg System we refer to this as Balancing On The Tip Of The Needle.

This is ultimately a process of Progressive Transcendence of Physical, Mental and SpatioTemporal limitations and illusions that moves us Deeper towards a Primary Identification with the One Ultimate Reality that creates, sustains, destroys, encompasses, orders, and coheres All things (associative and dissociative energy) within ItSelf.

As a side note, or perhaps centrally, the flower of the Universe unfurls itself along the vortices created by the synergetic Reciprocal Opening that can only occur through the dance / play / harmony of the apparently polar forces that compliment and complete one another and bring forth Life.

The Central Animating Spirit of the Universe is that which rises Above The Chaos and Wisely and Consciously mediates between the apparent polarities to bring forth The Future That Is Most Good.

  • One and All
  • Masculine and Feminine
  • Yang and Yin
  • Light and Dark
  • Hot and Cold
  • Electric and Magnetic
  • Expansion and Contraction
  • Boundaries and Boundlessness
  • SpatioTemporal and OmniSpatioTemporal
  • Manifest and Transcendent
  • Individuation and Unity
  • Sovereignty and Higher Order Functional Unity
  • Centralization and Decentralization
  • Left Hemisphere and Right Hemisphere
  • Indigenous and Non-Indigenous
  • Ancient and Modern
  • The East and The West
  • The North and The South
  • The Drive Towards Exploration and Expansion and The Drive Towards Survival and Self-Preservation
  • The Drive to Expand Beyond The Boundary and The Drive to Build and Remain Within The Boundary


When we Fear and retreat into one side of an Apparent Polarity, we fall off The Line / The Tip of the Needle and end up reaping that which we fear.

  • Too much decentralization reaps chaos reaps totalitarian control / order
  • Too much centralization / control reaps totalitarian order reaps chaos
  • The Walls of Self-Preservation we build today become Walls of Self-Imprisonment tomorrow.