Above The Chaos, Reflections on Discipline and Daily Practice

By Jordan Nicholas Sukut, 2024.01.30 (updated 2024.01.30)

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There is an amazing Paradox between Discipline and Freedom.

In the Archetypical Narrative Structure of existence, they can be thought of in terms of shades of Masculine and Feminine, Yang and Yin.

In the realm of Freedom, there is found at its extreme pure unstructured Potential. Absolute and Unconditional Love and Acceptance for What Is and What Is Trying To Emerge. It tends towards the pole of Chaos.

In the realm of Discipline, there is found at its extreme a pure structured rigidity of Purpose, Intention, and Goal. Striving beyond What Is towards What Should Be. It is on tends towards the pole of Order.

As in all Apparent Polarities, there exists a Higher Perspective that properly integrates and orders them both, in right Balance and Proportion, within itself. From this Highest Perspective, Discipline is an aspect of Freedom, Freedom is an aspect of Discipline, and both are an aspect of and unified by the Spirit of the One.

The Way, always and eternally, is mediated by the Spirit that enables us to Walk The Line between opposing forces towards Heaven, while avoiding the Hell that lies in an excess of deviation off the Path in any direction.

In 2022 and 2023, I manifested an imbalance of Freedom at the expense of Discipline as I grappled with the pain, healing, and redemptive goodness of our descent through the Underworld and reemergence.

In 2024, my Intention is to manifest a greater degree of Discipline, Structure, Order and Daily Practice to anchor individual and collective Progress in the Way towards The Goal.

While continuing to do my best to consciously Walk The Line without swinging towards an excess of Order.

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