Constitutional Amendments

Many of the governance systems of the Old World are corrupted beyond repair.

Nevertheless, they are our bulwark against a Collapse into Tyranny.

The New Covenant and the Lionsberg System and Approach is designed to be evolutionary rather than revolutionary.

As we Pass The Flame and The Body self-organizes from the Bottom Up, we can voluntarily take up our New and Highest Citizenship without sacrificing or laying down any of our existing memberships, affiliations, or citizenships.

When we hit a 70% to 80% critical mass in any given domain (family, organization, community, city, bioregion, tribe, nation), we can simply amend the existing constitutions and other Operating Agreements to realign them.

In many cases, this will require that the overly-centralized and corrupted institutions of the Old World be shrunk by 80% to 90%, and the Resources, Responsibility, and Authority redistributed back out to Individuals and Localities so that The Body can properly function in the New Era.

The System Wide Master Plan calls for all existing constitutions to be revisited, elevated, and aligned during the 10 Year Grand Strategy.

This process will be entirely Voluntary, from the Bottom Up.

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