2. Executive Summary

The Lionsberg Strategy and Plan centers around The Great Refounding of our civilization, via the progressive invitation and reorientation of humanity into a New Covenant of omniconsiderate Right Relationship with Life, Society, and their Generative Source.

The basic strategy is to Move the entire human population, during the course of the 10 Year Grand Strategy, out of The Caves of the Old World, from the omnicidal Old Paradigm and Old Pattern Language into a fully regenerative New Paradigm and New Pattern Language.

As we redesign, reimagine, and rebuild The New (Paradigm / Norms / Pattern Language / Way), we are simultaneously co-creating the infrastructure, pathways, and support to pave the Way and make The Quest FROM the Old TO the New as navigable as possible for All Humanity, while ensuring that no one is Involuntarily Left Behind.

The Strategy and Plan includes:

  1. A New Story (to reunite the narrative structure of human consciousness)
  2. A New Alliance / Federation (to connect us across the lines that separated us in the past and provide equal Citizenship / Rights / Responsibilities in the New)
  3. A New Covenant (to invite all humanity back into Right Relationship with the Creator and All Creation)
  4. A New Commons (to gather up, integrate, and cohere our collective inheritance of wisdom, knowledge, information, data, resources, solutions, and technologies)
  5. A New Human Operating System (to connect, empower, and enable interoperability among the diverse array of individuals, groups, and localities as unique parts of One Body)
  6. A New Platform (to make The Movement visible to itself, and provide equal access to The Commons for all participating citizens and localities)
  7. A New Infrastructure Network (Georegional Hubs, Bioregional Hubs, Local Hubs, Community Hubs, Micro Hubs to Optimally Decentralize and Relocalize all pillars of life and society)
  8. A New Paradigm Tour (to reach out and touch the hearts and minds of billions, and reach the First 3%)
  9. Inviting, Connecting and Empowering The First 3% (~250 million leaders) by 2026 (To create the distributed leadership across ~50 million teams required to help humanity meet the needs, solve the problems, and accomplish the goals at hand in every domain and locality)
  10. Inviting, Connecting and Empowering All Humanity (to create equal access and citizenship for All, and ensure no one is involuntarily left behind)
  11. 3 Years of Healing, Reorientation, and Onboarding (to prepare every individual and locality for full participation, belong, and co-creation in the New)
  12. Transforming our Weapons into Tools of Life (to repurpose our militaries and high science technology FROM mutual destruction TO omniconsiderate co-creation)
  13. The Greatest Celebration and Jubilee In History (to celebrate success, reset debts, liberate the captives, restore ancestral lands, and usher in the New Era)

Timing and 9 Month Initiation Strategy: Following The 7 Year Window of Preparatory Work and Learning, we propose to accomplish The Transformation during the course of the 10 Year Grand Strategy that began March 1, 2024. We have established and are carefully managing a 20 Year Generational Contingency to ensure completion within a single generation.

Investment: The entire program of action can be accomplished by simply redirecting already budgeted resource, energy, and attention flows away from mutual destruction and Waste. Successfully completing this historic transformation requires that we progressively redirect at least 1/2 of the planned $30 Trillion in military and defense spending throughout the course of the 10 Year Grand Strategy, while repurposing our militaries and High Science Technology from mutual destruction to mutual aid and co-creation in a wise and responsible manner. It further requires that we progressively redirect existing flows of governmental, philanthropic, and economic Waste towards Value Creating small teams advancing the Critical Path towards The Goal.

Expected Returns: The expected return on investment is technically essentially infinite, as expected returns dwarf any conceivable rate that could be used to discount them. Following the Jubilee and inauguration of equal Citizenship in the New Covenant / New Era, every Citizen on earth will have an equal interest and stake in the most valuable (federation, co-operative, "company", body) ever created, and everyone will be able to enjoy a Standard Of Living and Quality of Life superior to what anyone has enjoyed in the past.

Working Capital: Working capital will be aggregated through a continually re-optimized combination of Mission-And-Values-Aligned-Non-Recourse-Loans, philanthropic capital, grants from public and private agencies, and the profitability of for-profit federated organizations. Working capital is scheduled to be scaled up by approximately an Order Of Magnitude each year, from an initial $10 Million in 2024, to $100 Million in 2025, to $1 Billion + in 2026 and then trillions of dollars of annual Flow through the second half of The 7 Year Window of Crisis and Opportunity.

Interest on Non-Recourse Loans and Capital: Mission-And-Values-Aligned-Non-Recourse-Lenders and Capital Holders in The System will be paid a variable rate of return from 0% to 7% per year, depending on performance, needs, and opportunities of The System as a Whole, as determined by Lionsberg Governance System.

Welcome to the adventure and opportunity of a lifetime.