16. Transforming Human Consciousness, Thought, Speech, Behavior

We understand from lifetimes of spiritual work, coaching, and mentoring, and from decades of clinical psychology, that if you want to transform human behavior...

...you can't begin by trying to transform human behavior.

Human behavior flows from a complex substructure, conscious, subconscious and unconscious. It rises primarily from below the level of conscious thought and understanding. It is deeply informed by Inter-Generational / ancestral programming and trauma that exists at deeply unconscious levels.

This means that it cannot readily be transformed from the exterior.

However we have also discovered that Genuine Transformation of Spirit and Consciousness naturally leads to the manifestation of entirely New Patterns of thought, speech, and action, and that even highly intractable patterns of negative conduct can suddenly pass away.

We further have come to understand that the deep human desire for belonging can drive people to cling to, or shift, Patterns of Speech and Behavior in response to Cultural Norms and Values.

This leads to an understanding of a three part basic process:

  1. Genuine Transformation of Spirit and Consciousness
  2. Progressive Articulation of the New Norms and Values
  3. Co-Creation of the Path, infrastructure, and bridges that pave the Way for the Common Transformative Journey - FROM the Old TO the New

All while recognizing that the development of our Apparently Individuated and Ultimately Interexistent Consciousness, Spirit, and Embodiment(s) is both a SpatioTemporal and an OmniSpatioTemporal process that must progress, evolve, and unfurl its Implicit structure over the millennia and eons.