8.13 The Great Liminal Dissolution, Transformation, and Rise

In a dramatically oversimplified story arc, by early to mid 1st century BC, the emergent and rising order of the preceding millennium had been dramatically disrupted, and around the world relatively small states were engaged in the struggle of emergence or reemergence.

The conditions were ripe for a new kind of patterning to emerge from the dissolution of the previous patterning.

The dissolution of Order, or the descent into Chaos, can create the requisite conditions for a higher order patterning to emerge. In general, during these kinds of transitions, the best elements of the previous structures are retained, while adding in new capabilities which create the competency to deal with the anomalies that destroyed the former order,

It is a type of leap or transition towards a higher order functional state.

We are in another such period, perhaps the most critical one in history, today.

It is a liminal moment. A threshold moment. An edge moment.

These kinds of experiences are easy to observe in the developing consciousness of children. Is it unreasonable to think that similar processes might be unfolding in the collective consciousness of humankind in aggregate?

Before the Phase Change, there is a certain way of structuring one’s thought, identity, time, and way of interacting with the world.

That Old way reaches the edges of its capabilities, or collides with an aspect of Reality that it is not equipped to deal competently with. A failure or fall results.

The failure of the Old causes a period of deconstruction or dissolution of the frame at some level of analysis. Those levels could be peripheral, or central. They could lead to the collapse of a few city-states, or an entire civilization.

Yet the dissolution, the Collapse of Order, the Descent into Chaos, is not meant for our destruction. The path towards Life often feels like Death. The laying down of the Old that is no longer suited for our current Reality, is the path back to Life. To fullness. To Wholeness. To reunification. To reconciliation. To At-One-Ment. To Right Relationship. To Higher Order Functional Unity.

In these kinds of moments, we observe that the depth of the crisis or descent into Chaos is often directly proportional to its ability to transform. Minor disruptions lead to minor transformational Potential. Major disruptions lead to major transformational potential.

Death leads to Life, if the Vessel and Conditions are right.

Ultimately, there is absolute identification with the Spirit guiding the subsequent transformations, rather than any temporal or local embodiment or articulation.

However at this point in the story, we were perhaps just beginning to figure that out.

So back to the 1st millennium BC.

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