8.14 The Great Rise Of History, Philosophy, And Religion

The first millennium BC was just such a time.

A time in which the metaphysical foundations for two millennia of subsequent development were laid.

It was at this time where the next articulation of conscious philosophical and moral structure emerged.

With all the figures discussed below, their actual lives, thoughts, and deeds remain obscured by the legends, stories, and deceit of history. Their actual thoughts and meaning remain entirely inaccessible to us 2500 years later. We Do Not Know. It is a terrible disservice to attempt to articulate their teachings in a paragraph. It is also a terrible disservice to fail to account for the moral failings and abuses that some are accused of. Lastly, it is a terrible disservice to fail to trace their lines of reasoning through the ages, and to look at the critiques and impacts on the course of history and thought.

It is our duty, as a lovers of Truth and Wisdom, to follow the tiny Golden Threads] that are hinted at below, and to Search for [[Truth.

It is our duty, in this brief chapter, to look at the broadest brush of the Quest of humanity, and shine a small light into the absolutely pivotal thought and writing that emerged in the first millennium BC and shaped modern civilization as we know it.

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