1.5 The Prophetic Bowl

As we wake up and gaze into the prophetic.

As the scales fall from our eyes, and we finally begin to see.

As we feel with the entire instrument of our being.

What do we Perceive? What do we Sense? What is arising? What is alive?

When we encounter the wise prophet and look into the bowl he holds, what do we see?

What is being stirred up and readied to be poured out as our future?

When the New mountains rise and the great city falls, what will be the lot of our innocent children, to whom we handed the bowl?

Will it be a bowl of pain and suffering, or a bowl of flourishing and abundant Life?

When they drink from the chalice of what lies ahead, will they scream in agony as their body and world decays, or will they rejoice and dance over the sacred At-One-Ment that is renewing and restoring All things?

It depends.

Upon what you ask?

It depends upon us, and us alone.

We were chosen to be here, at this moment in history, to decide.

No matter how ominous and dark the prophetic bowl becomes, it is always possible, even at this late hour, to decide to arise and transform, and thereby transform the future for All.