9. Spending Time

Attending to (something) requires spending, or sacrificing, your Time to Attend to (it).

It is a sacrifice to spend Time on (something), because by doing so you forgo the opportunity to spend Time on (everything else).

What you "spend" your Time on is crucial moral decision.

Spending Time is different than spending Attention and Energy in that Time is a subjective illusion, whereas Attention and Energy are not.

A Way to liberate ones Self from the false constraints and illusions of Time is to subdivide it into progressively smaller Units of Time, and to be fully and Intentionally present and attentive to What Matters in each frame.

The Masters of the Way appear to so to be, because they are present and deploying Attention and Energy to move in frames or sub-units of Time that most cannot Perceive.

As a starting point, consider 15 minutes a Unit of Time, and try to be present, intentional, and attentive relative to the Most Important Thing in that frame.

Then, detach completely, be empty, reprioritize, and reengage another 15 minute Unit of Time.

An incredible amount of Work, Rest, or Relationship can be accomplished in 15 minutes (or 15 seconds) of true Presence and Attention.