Inbreaking And Displacing

The Way the New Incarnates its Self is through (something like) a Process of Inbreaking And Displacing.

As we Individually And Collectively Become, we Become conduits through which the New World Inbreaks into every moment in which we are present, displacing the Old World as it passes away.

The Old World is only present where we do not have enough conduits displacing it with the presence and power of the Spirit of Love. The Old World cannot stand or remain in presence of transformational Love, just as Darkness cannot remain in the presence of Light.

As the New Inbreaks, small Pockets Of Coherence, Integrity, and Proper Order become visible in the midst of the Chaos.

Pockets of Space, Time, Being, and Doing, that when we experience them, we say with our whole heart "This is Good."

One Way this occurs when the Lionsberg System is Instantiated in a new Domain.

Each one of these Pockets Of Coherence, Integrity, and Proper Order can be told as a Story, and Every Story Is A Prophesy of something even Greater that is Possible.

Let us nurture, cultivate, and co-create ever more Pockets of Coherence, and begin to watch as they connect together in Right Relationship with One and All.

The first place every individual can establish Coherence and Integrity is in their Self, and their Small Groups.

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