6.7 The Golden Thread

The ancient stories of our origin cannot simultaneously all be literally and scientifically true.

In detail, they are incompatible.

The words differ. The names differ.

Yet when did humanity become so foolish and enslaved that it forgot that words are only tools to point to the Ultimate Reality that is presencing itself to us?

The grandparents passing these Sacred stories down to their grandchildren around campfires throughout the millennia were not attempting to communicate scientific truth. And yet they certainly were not lying when they carefully repeated the sacred stories.

There must be a different kind of Truth we are grasping for.

Is it possible that something that is not precisely scientifically accurate, yet that represents the wisdom of the ages distilled through countless generations of grandparents, can actually be even more True than our latest scientific observation?

Oh the foolish adolescents who discover a technical flaw in Sacred stories and rejoice that they have outwitted the ancestors and deemed the stories of their tribe irrelevant.

The Sacred stories are not technically compatible. They are not intended to be.

The Sacred stories are not technically true. They are not intended to be.

How dare we foolishly demand perfect modern technical Truth in the stories verbally transmitted by our ancestors over the millennia!

Maybe we are the foolish ones, not them.

Perhaps we are focused on the spec of ash, and missing the gleaming mass of gold!

Follow the Golden Thread!

Look deeper. Look deeper. Look deeper.

The Sacred stories that reached our ears did not survive the millennia because they were technically true.

They survived the millennia and stood the brutal tests of Time because billions of people thought they were important enough to remember and speak.

They survived through the millennia because they mattered.

They survived through the millennia because they were Meta True.

They survived through the millennia because they were the only vessels strong enough to transport the seed of Life, Intention and Values safely throughout the ages, to be handed to us at this moment in history, so that we could replant and cultivate the Sacred seeds inside of the Walled Garden that we recreate so that all generations of Life to come can flourish in peace, harmony, and abundance.

it is time to look deeper.

It is time to rediscover the ancient Golden Thread that One Spirit has woven throughout every culture and history.

Grasp ahold of it, wherever you glimpse. Follow it, and do not let go. Follow it, wherever it leads. It will lead to the rediscovery of One and All things.

Follow it further, and it will lead you back to the One.

The ancient Golden Thread composes a shockingly coherent and beautiful tapestry so awe-inspiring that it elicits the feeling of a symphony. It shouts in Harmony. It beckons in Love. It awes with its Beauty. It radiates with Goodness.

Do not confuse the Divine Meta Song that is transcendent of All with the temporal Word Tools, Songs, and Stories that point you towards it.

As soon as you reduce it to words, it is no longer the Reality.

Look beyond the words, to the Ultimate Reality towards which they faithfully point.

Look beyond the map, to engage the Ultimate Reality permeating and sustaining you.

The Ultimate Reality is not in the stories. It is beyond them. It transcends them. It is the Source of them and All things.

The Ultimate Reality is not in the forms. It is beyond them. It transcends them. It is the Source of them and [All] [things].

The Ultimate Reality is not in the institutions. It is beyond them. It transcends them. It is the Source of them and All things.

And yet It is also radiantly manifest and represented within them.

There is nothing more thrilling and meaningful than when you actually, individually, experientially, and personally rediscover the Golden Thread and the Spirit who lays it, and begin following it back to the One.

Follow it, and with each step grow ever closer and ever more rightly related to That Which The Golden Thread Leads Towards.

It is a return to the Center. It is a return to the One.

However you will never be able to truly rediscover It unless you are liberated from and able to transcend the walls of the religious or political institution(s) representing It to you.

They are not the Way. It is the Way.

And It can never be grasped, comprehended, or walled in.

Every teacher, every institution, every form, every word, every story is only a Guide.

You are the one who experientially progress in the Way towards the One.

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