6.8 The Failed Institutionalization of Truth

A very strange phenomenon arose in the Old World.

While humanity was still very much emerging from the womb of ignorance, we developed a strange predilection for attempting to selectively separate, categorize, institutionalize, and control Truth.

Perhaps our intentions were good. Perhaps it was so we could selectively separate, institutionalize, and control people.

Perhaps it was both, combined with ignorance, and tainted by the malevolence potentially inherent in us.

Ignorant and arrogant people, basking in the certainty of the several books they had read, the several stories they had been told, and the few experiments they had run, grew very dogmatic and certain that they had precisely apprehended and comprehended the entire Truth about Reality and its Source. They began to build institutions, oligarchies, and armies to perpetuate their narrow views, and broaden their positions and power.

Ignorant institutional scientists attacked religion, and ignorant institutional religious zealots attacked science and one another.

Intellectual attacks turned physical.

Physical attacks turned spiritual.

Children were kidnapped from their parents, so the (false truth) could be beaten into them, and their Creativity beaten out of them.

When they died, we secretly buried them in the yards of the institutions.

Dig deeper. Look harder. They are there. I can hear the voices of the children we tortured and buried crying out for justice.

Don’t look away. Look into their faces. See them contorted with the pain and horror that can only be inflicted by those malevolent souls who in some name of the One inflict a present hell while promising a future heaven.

How dare we torture the children of the One.

And yet it was us who failed to arise and act. It was us who failed to see. It was us who were asleep in comfort, while the cries and prayers for mercy went unheeded. It was us through whom the silence that longed for spoken Truth remained unbroken.

Yet Truth shall always ring out from the mountain tops. If we do not speak it, the plants, the animals, and the stones will cry out in revelation.

Women, children, and men who would not recite the Institutionalized Statements of Truth were tortured, beheaded, rejected by families, ostracized from society, threatened with hellfire, burned with earth fire, tortured, beaten, left for dead, and then buried in the yard.

Non-conformist children were drugged to dull their minds so they would suffer more quietly through the Institutional Brainwashing Process.

The prisons of the Old World are still, to this day, the sorrowful abodes of many not willing to compromise their integrity and subordinate themselves to false Instituions and Ideologies.

The prisons of the Old World are still, to this day, the suffering grounds of innocent souls scooped up by the Institution, and left to rot for years without a trial.

If you have not walked through an overcrowded cage full of decaying humanity, go. Look them in the eyes. How will you answer their cries for help?

How long will we allow our brothers and sisters to suffer under the suffocating reign of the illegitimate institutions and ideologies oppressing them?

How long will we permit the corrupt leaders to pretend they have the power to torture and imprison our children? They are pretending, but it is not a game when our children are suffering and dying behind the bars of injustice.

Where are the Fathers roaring like lions, ripping the bars from the walls, and chasing the oppressors away?

Where are the Mothers, lifting the mountains and raising the valleys to liberate those they love?

Where is the One, riding on the clouds, wielding the sword of Wisdom, Truth and Justice?

I am here. You are here. We are here. One is here. And we will no longer quietly suffer and try to bury our heads while the cries of those being tormented ring in our ears.

Once you hear them, if you try to cover your ears they only grow louder. They are within.

Any person or institution that would harm or deprive a seeker of Truth of their physical, intellectual, or spiritual freedom has already lost its right to lead and exercise authority. They are irrelevant. They are dead on their thrones. Rotting dinosaur corpses of the once-great-but-now-failing-and-passing-away Old World. They do not exist in the New World. They are passing away, and dragging down as many others as they can in their rotten desperation.

Let us mercifully place them on hospice, free their captives, and put that sad chapter of the great Story behind us.

And let us recognize that there is no "them" - "we" are "them".

We are exactly the kind of people who built those structures and did those things.

May we never forget the horror we caused, tolerated, or allowed.

In our inter-existent world of Life and Consciousness there is no “them” to blame, and there is no “them” to save us.

There is only Us. We are the people. We are the institution. We are problem. We are the solution. We are individually and solely responsible.

Let us return to the Uncaused Cause. Let us return to the One.

Let us liberate ourselves from these failing institutions, rediscover the Ancient Foundation, remember [Who We Are], rediscover Who We Are Becoming, reimagine, and rebuild.

We can do better this time.

It is time for something magnificent, massive, positive, and Good to emerge.

In us. Through us. All of us. For there is no them.

We can do better.

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