8. Spending Attention

Attending to (something) requires spending, or sacrificing, your Attention to Attend to (it).

It is a sacrifice to Attend to (something), because by doing so you forgo the opportunity to Attend to (something else).

What you "spend" your Attention on is perhaps the most important moral decision.

There is a nearly universal and eternal Opportunity Cost to every act of Perception and Attention.

Attention, not Time, is perhaps the ultimate scarce resource that must be allocated.

Time is fungible. Time is a subjective illusion.

Our individual Attention is not.

Time, Energy, Resources, and Co-Creation all follow our Attention.

It is through our Attention that we Co-Create our Reality.

We can only Attend to what we can Perceive.

We can only Perceive in accordance with our Structure of Value. Our Structure of Value will be incoherent unless it is united by a Meta Value.

Our Structure of Value is relative to our Goals. Our Total Nested Hierarchy of Goals will be incoherent unless it is united by a Meta Goal.

Our Meta Goal and our Meta Value therefore by definition can only be One, or the structure of our Reality will lack Integrity and will Dis-Integrate.