6.4 The Song Of Creation

Let us listen for a moment to the glorious song of Creation.

Preexisting in the formless and infinite darkness, in a moment creative Energy coalesces and explodes with unimaginable force from its Source.

The universal Field of creative Potential emerges into view, the elementary fabric from which, upon which, and through which All things arise.

The Creative Field is alive, pulsating with Energy and Intention radiating out from their Source and piercing the darkness of the infinite void.

Ever transcending and hovering over the Chaos is the Spirit, Logos, and Sophia manifest from the One that Co-Creates the Divine Order.

As if commanded by a Word or a Song, the Anti-Entropic Force is set into motion, the formless begins to coalesce into Form, Chaos begins to ascend into Order, and the elementary particles of the universe begin to assemble themselves.

Great processes of clustering, merging, synthesis, and fusion are unleashed.

The Creative Field moves into its subtlest forms, the subtle forms evolve into subatomic particles, subatomic particles unite into nuclei, nuclei into atoms, atoms unite into stars, stars unite into galaxies, galaxies unite into clusters, galactic clusters unite into galactic superclusters, and the galactic superclusters remain One.

Before All was One. After All is One.

Over epochs and across the infinite field, the universal flower unfurls in obedience to its Metaphysical DNA.

The cosmos evolve in pursuit of the Logos and The Goal.

From the outermost reaches of the Universal Whole, to superclusters of galaxies, to galaxies, to solar systems, to planets and moons, to matter, to atoms, to subatomic particles, and all the way back down to the fundamental energetic fabric of the universe, smaller and smaller and larger and larger forms and systems dance with one another and array themselves in the infinite Creative Field of Energy and Information emanating from, existing in, and returning to, the One Source and Sustainer of All.

Perfectly ordered and consistent principles and design, from the highest-level concept to the lowest level detail.

The Universe is flooded by the light of an immense and growing sea of stars and quasars.

The Light was Good.

In a distant corner of a small galaxy of hundreds of billions of stars, is one of them.

Around that one small star zooms a small planet.

Among all the trillions of planets in the Field, the conditions on Earth were perfect for Life.

After the first epoch, there is light, and there is darkness, there is day, and there is night, and it is Good.

Earth has the uniquely perfect conditions for the most important elements of Life to spring forth. Subatomic particles unite into molecules, and sacred water floods the earth. It manifests in seas and lakes and rivers below, and into the sea of gases above that surround and protect and sustain life.

After the second epoch, there is water on earth and above the earth, there is evening and there is morning, there is light and there is darkness, and it is Good.

With unspeakable violence, power, and Love, Chaos and Order continue their dance.

The skin of the earth is torn, and great valleys are forged. The tectonic titans collide, and great mountains ascend. Mouton rock pours forth like blood from the wounds of battle, hardening into chains of islands.

Weather systems roar, the earth shakes, and the lands and seas are separated from one another.

In the beautiful silence, the primordial hearer hears the first rustling of Life.

What is this movement? What is this animation? What breathes the dead to Life?

It was never dead. It just wasn’t Time yet for it to rise. The Spirit and Logos that creates Life was always there. Within. Without. Permeating. Sustaining. Developing. Creating. Breathing. Speaking. Beckoning.

In the calm and peaceful waters, in the gardens of abundance and protection, the earth begins to spring forth with the first green shoots of Life.

One becomes two. Two becomes four. Four becomes eight. Eight becomes sixty four. Sixty four becomes the infinite sea of trillions flowing into the universal River of Lifepouring forth from and returning to its Source.

As the third, fourth, and fifth epochs emerge, Life begins to come into its rich fullness and diversity of Being. As Life bursts forth in the waters and on the land, the cosmic dance of the galaxies and stars and planets and moons continues, guiding the seasons and days, months and years, the rising and falling of the tides, and serving as signs and guides for Life by day and by night.

The diversity of life explodes, and the water, land, and air teem with life. Life obeys its Nature and Source, and multiplies across the earth spurred on by the outflowing and beauty of irrepressible creative and sexual Energy radiating from One and All.

After the fifth epoch, the River of Life has flooded the earth, and it is Good.

In the sixth stanza of the Song of Creation, the highest forms of life come into Being, capped off by the emergence of a unique Being unlike any other, and yet one with them.

Human Beings. Conscious cultivators, guardians, and stewards of the earth.

Endowed with creative Consciousness, they share with the One the power to consciously create and destroy.

They are the Conscious Agents shaping and Co-Creating their Reality.

Through the rational progression of epochs and Divine Logic, the Universe is brought forth in Order, emanating from and sustained by One.

It was all Sacred, and it was all very Good.

The forces of Creation and the Universal Laws were established, written throughout All, written on our hearts, embedded in our Consciousness, and set in irreversible and ongoing creative motion.

Guiding all things towards their Destiny.

Guiding all things towards The Goal.

The Quest of the Creative One had begun.

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