The Patterns Of Spiraling Up, And Spiraling Down

Let us see if we can sense and feel the essence of the Patterns that repeat themselves across Space and Time.

They remain essentially the same.


In The Beginning..., God creates us and gives us Life.

The Creator's Will, Intention, and Desire

God longs to be together with us, in unity, harmony, fulfillment and right relationship.


The Spirit of God lives within us, providing a direct personal connection to the Source and Sustainer of the Universe.

This creates the Potential, and the Moral Imperative, for us to live by the Spirit, and co-operate as one Body of God, each manifesting our unique gifts, talents, and calling to fulfill the Will and Intention of God.

Rules and Rituals

The Spirit ends up speaking, and society ends up learning, and establishing Rules and Rituals meant to keep humanity in right relationship with God, One Another, and Nature.

The Way

The Spirit, Rules, and Rituals of Society begin to constitute a Way of Being that harmonizes Society, Nature, and God.

Departure from the Way

We depart from the Way, and as a consequence begin hurtling towards the generations of Pain and Suffering that accompany The Fall.

Progressive Estrangement

We become progressively estranged from God, until after a Time we are utterly estranged from God. Utter estrangement, like Hell, is the Limit Statement regarding what lies at the logical end of The Anti-Movement.

Unity is what lies at the logical end of The Movement towards The Goal that leads towards Heaven.

Utter Estrangement is what lies at the logical end of The Anti-Movement towards The Anti-Goal that leads towards Hell.

Religious Corruption and Spiritual Bankruptcy

As we grow Progressively Estranged, our religious practices, rules, and rituals grow corrupt and devoid of the original Spirit and meaning.

Political Corruption

The loss of the Central Animating Spirit of Society leads to corruption of the power structures. The corruption of the political and religious power structures corrupts and destabilizes society, as all start to witness the Bad Fruit and suffering flowing from the rotten roots.

Conflict, Division, Fear, Anxiety, Injustice

Because there is no longer anything uniting our spirit and consciousness, estrangement from God produces inevitable conflict, division, fear, and anxiety, which lead to further corruption, injustice, oppression, and wrong relationship.


Without a Uniting Spirit, Intention, and Vision, we begin to experience all the symptoms of perishing. Both within, and as a consequence of the decay of society without. Without a Vision, the people perish.

Prophesy and Promise

The prophetic voice pierces the Darkness, warning us of the error of our ways and the destruction that lies ahead, reassuring us of God's boundless Love and Desire for us, prophesying of the Better Future that is at hand, and imploring us to turn and Attend to the Word of God, and progress back towards the Ultimate Unity of God through Love.


When the suffering gets bad enough, and the prophetic voice gets loud enough, the people return to God, the Spiral Downward towards Hell ceases, and the Spiral Upward towards Heaven begins.

The Exodus

This Spiral Upward is at odds with the Old World, and requires an Exodus FROM The Old TO The New.

The New World

On the other side of The Wilderness that separates the Old from the New lies the New World

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