In The Beginning...

In the beginning, One is the Source and Sustainer of All, and nothing that is came to Be except through One.

All manifest things arising from the One Uncaused Cause experience being Thrown into a particular Time and Space, and coming into being somewhere as someone.

Disoriented, confused, and often suffering, we must discover Who We Are, Where We Are, How We Got Here, Where We Are Going, and Why.

Early in the 3rd millennium AD, humanity awakened to find itself on the verge of drowning in the dark waters of Chaos, Dysfunction, and Captivity.

Wrenched out of unconsciousness by the dark cold waters, it found itself gasping and grasping for something to hold onto. Its grip on the sinking carcass of the Old Vessel of Society was failing, and the roiling seas of Chaos threatened to take us under.

Suddenly, on the horizon, a Light.

The Spirit rose up and hovered over the surface of the waters.

As it began speaking the Logos in Truth and Love, the waters began to subside around it and a New Vessel appeared, striding effortlessly over the waves that were pushing us down.

As the New Vessel approach, a Loving Hand reached out and began lifting us up, one by one, out of the seas of Chaos, and into an ark that was Strong and Good, purpose-built to carry us up out of the waters on Forward towards our Destiny.

Lionsberg was On The Move.