1.6 Outside the Boundary

"Wake up!"

"It is time."

The gentle whisper of the Spirit nudges you awake. It is still dark out, and the endless sea of stars stretches out before you.

As the Spirit has taught you, you begin your Practice with your first waking moments of Consciousness.

It has taken many years of Practice, but your Mind is now tranquil and at ease. It is quiet. It is still. And because it is quiet and still, your Spirit can hear Its Voice.

You rise eagerly, and your body lifts itself up as if it has wings. Your strong muscles define a strong Body, guided by a strong Mind, guided by a strong Spirit.

They are aligned in nearly perfect functional unity, because you daily forge them to be so.

As you make your Way to your Place of Practice, the first glimmers of a New Dawn begin to illuminate the world around you. The planets are still visible in their perfect alignments, as the stars retire from view.

The gentle murmuring of the stream greets your ears, and the song of the earliest birds begins to rise. The breeze in the trees, and the rustle of footsteps in the leaves begin to weave their songs into the symphony of the new day.

Today is a momentous day.

Your countless years of tireless training have elevated and transformed you into the kind of Being that is capable of returning to the Caves to set the captives free.

As you gaze into the rising sun and drink in its energy with your eyes and your bare skin, you understand that it may be the last time you ever partake of such a Divine communion.

You ground your bare feet into the earth, and lift your arms and voice to the heavens.

"Spirit, lead me. Spirit, guide me. Spirit, protect me. Spirit, speak through me. Spirit, make me a perfect conduit of You into every time and place you lead me."

It is so peaceful, so lovely, and so Good out here, outside the Boundary.

The last time you got a glimpse of the caves, it was so horrifying you nearly died.

Yet when the Spirit says "It is time, go", you go.

The Vessel is still listing and careening towards the rocks, and billions of people are about to perish without ever really living.

There is no ethical or moral choice but to return, to descend into the depths, and attempt to revive them.

If we can awaken and liberate enough of them from their Caves, we can seize the helm.

If we can seize the helm, we can consciously steer the Vessel of Society away from disaster and towards its rightful Destiny and Goal.

If we can begin progressing towards the Goal, the world will become a perfect place that is getting better every day, and the symphony of Life will unfold in the Way the Spirit Intends.

It will be an epic Quest. You were made for this.

Deep cries out to deep, "It is Time, Go."

And so, we went.

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