Vision, Non-Propositional Knowledge, and Spirit

It is crucial to understand that God is Spirit, and must be worshipped in Spirit and in Truth.

This means that God does not dwell within, is not Subordinate to, and cannot be contained within, the buildings, images, or Religious Propositions articulated by human hands, minds, and mouths.

God is Ultimately Ineffable, indescribable, incomprehensible, ungraspable, unboxable, invisible, and Superordinate to and Transcendent of every word, image, and temple. The words, images, and temples come from the Mind of humanity, which God is creating and sustaining.

It is therefore fascinating that Chapter 1 verse 1 of Isaiah opens by describing what follows as a Vision. What follows, the written propositions, are Isaiah's attempt to translate and transcribe into words what he saw. In the Lionsberg System, we call this Progressive Articulation.

This is a great difficulty of the prophetic voice that attempts to speak from the Spirit of God.

The Knowledge of God is fundamentally and eternally Non-Propositional in nature - meaning that it does not originate in words, and that words cannot fully and accurately represent it - they can only point towards some aspect of Ultimate Reality. The Knowledge of God originates from a Knowing far deeper than words, of an Ultimate Reality far Deeper than words.

It originates from Communion with the Spirit of God, and *deep crying out to deep.

The immersion of one's Consciousness in its Source, like dipping a bucket into the infinite Wellspring of All That Is, inevitably brings forth out of the Divine Storehouse Information, Knowledge, and Wisdom.

This Information, Knowledge, and Wisdom is part of the Logos often emerges progressively, from connection into a sense, from a sense into dim vision, from dim vision into clearer vision, from clearer vision into single words that reach and grasp, from words into sentences, and from sentences into a clear prophetic voice that progressively clarifies and illuminates the Vision.

When we read Isaiah today, we are reading an English translation, of a collection of things that Isaiah spoke or wrote in ancient Hebrew over a long period of Time, which were then passed on and narrated over a longer period of Time, which at some point were then remembered, gathered, curated, and possibly interspersed with the works of other authors and speakers.

However this possible infidelity of exact transmission and sole authorship becomes far less troubling or important when we are worshipping God in Spirit and in Truth. The Spirit of Truth searches, and finds in the articulated words, even if they are contaminated and broken by memory, translation, and corruption, the Spirit and the Heart of God that communes with our Spirit and Heart in the present moment, millennia later. The Spirit never changes, so the Spirit in us can sense, recognize, and resonate with the Spirit speaking the Words through the Speaker millennia ago.

To understand an inherently spiritual book, one must get to know its Spirit.

The Spirit of God is unchanging.

The Spirit of God is what illuminates and connects our Consciousness to its Source, which is also the Source of Isaiah's Consciousness, thereby creating the ability of the Spirit within us to Commune with the Spirit within Isaiah, although separated by thousands of years.

As we read the English collection of words, we must Pray and ask the Spirit of God to reveal to us the essence of what It was showing Isaiah. This is the process of Revelation.

In this Way, we come into direct personal communion with the Living Spirit and Vision of Isaiah, on a level far Deeper than the written words that have survived in different languages thousands of years later.

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