The Prophetic Voice

One place to begin to "hear" the Voice of God is through Scripture, and one place in scripture that speaks most explicitly to the heart and desire of God is through the Prophetic Voice.

One the most famous prophetic voices is that of Isaiah.

Isaiah spoke to a spiritually "Deaf and Blind" people who lived during the decline of Israel somewhere around 700 years Before Christ.

He warned Israel of the impending catastrophe that lay ahead as a result of their Way of Being, while offering the hope of a New Creation or World To Come; a time when the Knowledge of God Covers The Earth Like Floodwaters and God reigns as King, judging and vanquishing the wicked, and establishing eternal righteousness, harmony, peace and prosperity.

In the words of Isaiah, we can find the Words of God that allow us to sense the Spirit of God and the Way of God. Note the use here in this sentence of Word, Spirit, Way, and God.

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