10. Gathering and Integrating Energy

Unlike Attention and Time, which are "given" to us second by second as we exist, Energy must be gathered, cultivated, integrated, and released to enable existence.

Everything Is Energy. Energy Associates and Dissociates from Centers of Association and Dissociation.

Energy can be thought of in terms of its types and polarities.

Every act of consumption and interaction exchanges and entangles Energy.

Therefore the fundamental principle is to discern and test the energy of a (thing) before interacting with (it).

Toxic energies are latent throughout the foods, information, individuals, and entities vying for our Attention, Interaction, and Consumption.

Many poisonous Energies that we ought to be disgusted and repulsed by are deceptively attractive, until they destroy us and those around us in the end.

Being wise and discerning of the Energies with which you interact is the cornerstone of ceasing to Harm your Self, and thereby fuel that which Harms All.

Ability to sense and test energies Reciprocally Opens as you Practice, Cleanse, and gain Skill in Energy Work.