4.1 The Navigation Issue

Now that we have sorted out our basic stories, we have a Navigation Issue.

It bears repeating that if our Narrative Framework is not conceptually aligned, and if we do not conceive of our Selves on a shared Meta Quest towards the Meta Goal, there is no sense trying to orient, navigate, and move together...

...for we will not be perceiving the same subset of the universe, or heading in the same direction within it.

Two can not walk together unless they are aligned and heading in one direction.

However providing that we are all committed to Progressing towards The Goal, and doing so in a Spirit of Love guided by our Total Nested Hierarchy of Values, our next challenge is to learn to Navigate and Move together.

This is the second key skill.

Finding ourselves awakened out of our semi-unconscious slumber, and Thrown into a Perceived Time and Space, we have to becomes skilled at continually discerning 1) Who We Are 2) Where We Are 3) How We Got Here 4) Where We Are Going, and 5) Why it Matters.

Without knowing Where We Are, Where We Are Going and Why, we will not be able to Orient our Selves and Navigate Wisely towards The Goal.

Our understanding and capability to grapple wisely with these questions will increase over time, for in each moment, with each step of Progress, we are transforming ourselves and our Reality, and becoming more and more Aware.

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