4.2 Continually Transforming Conscious Agents

Key to the Navigation Issue is the understanding that as Conscious Agents perpetually in motion towards our Total Nested Hierarchy of Goals, we are continually moving and interacting with the Reality that manifests or discloses itself to us along our Way.

The subset of Reality that manifests itself to us depends on What Matters. What Matters depends on Who We Are, our Goal, Where We Are Going, and Why.

When a subset of Reality manifests itself to us, we Interact with it.

When we Interact with Reality, we transform it, and it transforms us.

When we enter each subsequent moment, neither we nor our Reality are the same as they were the moment before.

This is because we are ourselves a Conscious Living System that exists in a broader and inherently inter-existent and inter-transforming Conscious Living System.

What we do to the Reality that we are nested within, we literally do to ourselves.

We are continually transforming Conscious Agents within One interexistent, interactive, Conscious Reality that is reciprocally opening through our inter-action.

Moment by moment... we are never the same. We are transforming our world, and our world is transforming us, within the context of the one greater thing we both are.

At least that is our Current Best Understanding of the Story.

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