4.3 Transforming The Product Of The Previous Transformation

It is interesting to speak about Transformation in the context of Navigation on our Quest towards The Goal.

The reason for this is that we Progress towards Where We Are Going by Progressing towards Who We Are Becoming.

It is impossible to reach out Destiny unless and until we Become Who We Are Becoming.

As we continually elevate and transform our lives and our world, every transformation produces a new Being and a new Reality that is then subsequently acted upon and transformed.

The pattern is (something like) one of successive transformations applied to the product of previous transformations in inter-adaptation with the surround environment.

This slower, iterative, evolutionary transformation is the most typical pattern. This is the way things normally Progress.

There is a different, far rarer pattern, which is a quantum leap forward towards a more optimal State of Being.

This usually occurs when a Living System has been pushed right to the edge of Chaos, but has not yet fully collapsed into it.

If our intuition is correct about this moment in history, it would be very Wise for us to pay special attention to this quantum shift / phase change type of transformation, and to consciously prepare for it, and to determine how to participate in it and Be through it.

We are therefore, moment by moment, continually Co-Creating our Selves and the Reality we experience.

In each moment, we are a new Conscious Agent that must Orient, Adapt, and Navigate towards its Goal.

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