4.4 Navigating Towards Better Or Worse

An eternally present principle seems to be that no matter Where We Are, there is always a way that we can make it Better, and there is always a way that we can make it Worse.

In our perfect heavenly state, although everything is already perfect it continues to Become A Little Better Every Day because All things are Working Together To Make It So.

In our perfectly hellish state, although everything is already as bad as we think it could possibly be, it continues to get a little worse every day, because we are continuing to apply the patterns that produce hell.

So the basic issue becomes:

Recognizing the realities of the current mix of pain, suffering, dysfunction, and Goodness we are experiencing...

...and recognizing that things could always be both a lot better, and a lot worse...

...how do we Orient ourselves towards the Greatest Good and Navigate wisely away from unnecessary pain and suffering, and towards more flourishing, abundant, and meaningful life?

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