13.34 The Power of God

Thankfully, We are not alone.

It all begins with God.

If you don’t know what else to do, commit to engage in one transformational practice. Commit to engage in one transformational project. Commit to engage in one transformational relationship.

And if that first transformational relationship you are engaged in is not a living, breathing, moving, vibrant, active communion with the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe, fall back and make that your first and highest eternal priority.

Everything else follows from being immersed, enveloped, and sustained in and by the Spirit of God.

From there, every small act takes on an entirely different meaning.

As you begin to engage in transformation, you are adding your energy and power to the great movement of All Creation towards The Goal, impelled by the Spirit of God.

As you begin moving, look at around and begin connecting up with others who you see moving in the same direction. Do what needs to be done together. Do what the Spirit of God would do if present and embodied in your situation.

Become a living conduit, through which the Spirit flows into every Time and Space it places you.

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