9.40 Voluntary Alignment To Higher Intention, Goals, and Values

In any System, the only way that all Individual And Local elements can remain Free and Empowered over the Long Term is if they all voluntarily align themselves to the Universal Goals and Values of the System.

This is because a System divided against itself is in the process of failing and dying, and dragging its elements towards chaos along with it.

And any System not Integrated and Cohered by overarching and uniting Goals and Values is by definition divided against itself.

For the same obvious reasons, Goals and Values, while they must remain plural to be Enacted as a Total Nested Hierarchy of Goals and a Total Nested Hierarchy of Values, must ultimately be unified by One.

One Highest Goal. One Highest Intention. One Coherent Endstate, that all other goals, values, drives, intentions, and conditions work together to Co-Create.

The only Way to True Universal and Eternal Freedom, Sovereignty, Autonomy, Community, and Right Relationship is for All things to voluntarily submit to align themselves with One thing.

That One thing must and can only be, by definition, the Highest and Deepest thing.

Therefore it cannot be any thing made with human hands, present on Earth in a particular Space and Time.

It can only be One.

The voluntary alignment of All to One Highest Intention is what creates the possibility of Eternal Freedom, Sovereignty and Liberty for All.

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