9.39 The Order Of Intentions And The Meta Intention

While the commander in chief of any small or large pirate ship, department, company, branch, division, military, nation, or coalition of the Old World may argue that they are in charge, and "court martial" or "send to the brig" those who refuse to obey, the Reality is that at the top of the Order is One and One alone.

We discussed already the Order of Authority, and the One Meta Authority at the absolute top.

Tying this out to the notion of Commander's Intent, we can establish in parallel the conceptual Truth of an Order of Intent, with One Meta Intention at the absolute top.

In All ways, the absolute supremacy of the One creates Freedom and Liberty for All, because it creates a Highest Authority that each of us is individually and directly responsible to.

In this case because it creates the spiritual, moral, and legal responsibility for each Individual to understand for themselves the Highest Intention, and do their best to organize their Self and their World to bring the Intention Into Reality.

Order of Intentions Total Nested Hierarchy Of Intentions Meta Intention

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