9.41 The Alternatives To Voluntary Alignment Of Sovereignty

When the Supreme Architect or Supreme Commander sets forth the Designer's Intent / Commander's Intent, the expectation is that All elements of System will Voluntarily Do Their Best and exercise their Best Judgment to bring the Intention Into Reality.

Without this Voluntary Standard and Alignment, there can be no lasting Freedom, for the System will quickly descend towards Chaos.

Whether Freedom is lost through the descent towards Absolute Chaos, or the tendency towards Absolute Order to counter the descent, the Endstate of both Absolute Chaos and Absolute Order is a Tyranny.

A Properly Ordered Society is one in which the Freedom and Sovereignty of all Beings and Localities is upheld by their Voluntary Alignment to the Universal Goals and Values of that Society, which are ultimately united in One.

This is what creates Equilibrium, Harmony, and balance in the Field.

This Society can last forever, as all Sovereign Autonomous elements Voluntarily Co-Operate in partnership with One and All for the Good of All past, present, and future generations of life.

The first alternative to Voluntarily rising into Functional Unity is to be involuntarily compelled into functional unity by the Authoritarian / Totalitarian impulse. This is the Hell that lies at the logical end of the path towards Absolute Order.

The second alternative to Voluntarily rising into Functional Unity is to descend towards an absolute lack of Order. This is the Hell that lies at the logical end of the path towards Absolute Chaos.

Both Absolute Chaos and Absolute Order are hellish Tyrannies that can take many generations to escape. We can see examples of both in our world today. In both cases, armed forces roam the streets, while the Good People of the small towns huddle in fear behind closed doors and barred windows, because it is not safe to venture out.

Absolute Chaos is (something like) Individual And Local Sovereignty taken to its extreme, which refuses to serve the overarching and uniting Spirit, Goals, and Values that must integrate and cohere the brilliant diversity of expression in any healthy System.

Absolute Order is (something like) an overarching and uniting totalitarian Spirit (or Central Sovereignty) involuntarily imposed from above, which refuses to serve the brilliant diversity of Individual And Local expression that must proliferate and flourish in freedom and harmony within any healthy System.

Both are forms of Hell.

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