Jordan On Governance

The word “Govern” derives from the Latin meaning “To Steer”. It begs the question:

How do we collectively navigate our Vessel towards The Goal?

Having fixed our Aim, how do we get from Where We Are to Where We Are Going?

The Lionsberg System was created as an answer to this question.

After studying this issue for many years and incorporating lifetimes of work from many diverse perspectives, I do not actually think it is possible to manifest the kind of future we all desire without a comprehensive solution that addresses all elements of the human system (governance, society, economy, spirituality) in an integrated and comprehensive Way.

To truly flourish, each Individual must of their own freewill integrate each of their Motivational States / Primordial Drives into a single, integrated, higher order functioning Personality that is actually capable of rightly relating to the world around.

In turn, for a Family to truly flourish, each family member must of their own freewill integrate them Selves into a single, integrated, functioning family that is capable of rightly relating, internally to one another, and externally to the society and environment that contains them.

This is also true for any team or organization, which must integrate its individual components into a higher order functional unity capable of rightly relating, internally to and among all its elements, and externally to its world.

In turn, for a Community to truly flourish, each element (Individual, Organization, Group) must of their own freewill integrate them Selves into a single, integrated, functioning Community capable of rightly relating, internally to and among all its elements, and externally to its world.

At the outer levels of practicality, you have a bounded place, such as Mondragon, Lionsberg, or Earth, in which the total set of all individuals, organizations, groups, and communities must voluntarily integrate themselves into some kind of higher order functional unity, rightly related internally within itself, and externally to the world.

For each individual on Earth to have the opportunity to develop into the fullness of their potential and flourish, all individuals would have to have the opportunity to develop into the fullness of their potential and flourish, and the entire Human System that enabled and optimized for that to occur would have to be rightly related and integrated, not only internally within itself, but externally to the Living System that contained it.

What we can learn from Mondragon...

Perhaps the most successful and widely known experiment in more loving, just, and good socioeconomic organization is Mondragon.

To ensure that we incorporated the learnings and wisdom from this model into the Lionsberg System, I took two week long trips to Mondragon with the leading professor in the US on this topic, with groups of graduate students and executives.

Over the last 65 years Mondragon grew out to one of the largest co-operatives in Spain, employing ~ 100,000 co-operative worker owners in over 100 co-operatives that revolve around a loose core federal enterprise.

Mondragon is unique in that it has:

  • A unified philosophy and value set, rooted in Catholic social thought
  • A unified physical place (Mondragon is an actual town)
  • A unified cultural history and language (Unique Basque culture and language)
  • Deep social ties among the community, that arise from community events, clubs, pubs, restaurants, cultural celebrations, and community building projects among the families of the community, who have deep roots in the place.
  • Children are largely educated from pre-school in co-operatively run schools, have a co-operatively run university, and graduate from vocational training or university into co-operatively run businesses, in a co-operatively run society.

All of these elements, organically evolved over decades in response to the problems and needs that arose as the community struggled to liberate itself from governmental and capital oppression, created the Total Nested Hierarchy of Conditions necessary for such a unique and extraordinary form of life to manifest itself.

My Current Best Understanding directly from the individuals involved in the efforts is that as Mondragon has made efforts to instantiate its system around the world, for instance in South America and Africa, it has struggled because the total set of conditions are not present for the model to work in the same way that it did in mid-50s, post WWII, in the deeply unique Basque region of Spain, with a deeply unique Founder who was able to hold the space for such an emergence to occur.

A local community or group can easily set up a legal commons or co-operative, adopt some form of holocracy or sociocracy, and begin attempting to governing itself in a more just and good way.

These individual and local drives, although each better than the norms of the Old World, are destined to fail bring forth the New World unless we can All discover how we might integrate our selves into some kind of highest order functional unity that is rightly related internally as a Human System with the Living System that is the container and life support for us All.

At this stage (2022 Q4), I do not think it actually matters very much how individual groups organize themselves and attempt to Enact and Embody the New World that is trying to emerge out of the ashes of the Old.

What matters is the relationship among the "group of groups" that is trying to flock together towards the New World. If we can establish Right Relationship between the nodes of the New Ecosystem... then we can each begin communicating and helping one another, which each retaining our individual and local identify, sovereignty, and agency.

From my perspective, what needs to happen next is that Individuals who want to engage in this collective emergence should forge or join a group or team - see Forging Or Joining A Team.

Those teams and groups should then Organize and Federate to accomplish together what they cannot accomplish in isolation.

This should be accompanied by the development of the basic Lionsberg Communications System that will make the "group of groups" aware of one another, provide the ability to communicate offers and needs, and open up the potential for deepening coordination and collaboration at the Wise Right pace over time.

As the deepening of relationship occurs, the "group of groups" can share among itself what is working and what is not working in order co-create a continuously improving conceptual Prototype that any new group can evaluate, localize, and instantiate.

As a starting point for commitment, I would recommend that each group make a Commitment to allocate 10% of its available Flow of Time and Resources to helping other groups.

Each time help is rendered, the Solution to the problem or need should be generalized into a General Solution for the issue, and loaded onto the Lionsberg Platform, so that any other Group grappling with that same issue in the future can log into the Platform and access it.

Over time, this will create a continuously improving set of General Solutions that any group or locality can draw from and deploy to meet its needs and solve its problems. Each time a General Solution is deployed in a specific Time or Place, the learnings can be folded back in to the Lionsberg Platform so that each Solution continually improves.

If the first 5 or 20 groups begin communicating about the problems, needs, and opportunities they are experiencing, we will very quickly flush out the total set of problems and needs that any group around the world might face, and develop solutions that can be adapted and deployed anywhere in the world.

Let's roll...