When there is diversity, it will always turn up a mess. The brave conversations to set things straight, again and again and again.

Something shifts when you have the opportunity to operate at a higher level more consistently.

The types of divisions we don't want to happen, that would stop us in our tracks, are already happening...

Potential issues and divisions need to be dealt with earlier, bravery, more courageously, facing into the truths...

Issues do not get better with age.

The space of learning, and practicing... less perfection, one right way... people invited to come in and out, have so much more as perfect and so much more as ok. You play, you are in a sandbox... such a different way to hold it than how we hold things in the world of work.

Focus on the spaciousness of Practice and Learning Forward / Continuous Improvement.

Redundancy of Lionsberg Membership, Projects, and Approaches... so that it can't be messed up with any one way.

Experiential learning. Experience. Experiment. do something. check it out. evaluate whether it got worse, got better, stayed the same...

In this framework, as in Lean, Every Defect Is A Gift.

Think of it as Experiential Learning. Trying new things, seeing how they are doing and where they go. Very organic and inclusive of peoople. Everyone has their own experience. No single course of action. Everyone on a unique course.

Part of the story has to be one of Experience and Evolving. As we evolve, we all Transform and Adapt to the Transformation in others.

Change is what leads to people growing and becoming more whole. Sense of collective growth and learning, that makes things that don't work experience and not mistake. Tried and learned from it, rather than labeling it with a lot of negative things.


Boundary Triage

Capacity - we don't all have limitless capacity.

Stone Soup is what we want to embrace. Each person brings something unique to the Whole, which is something to be treasured.

Meta Story

Meta Philosophy

Meta Science - how to know, disprove, evolve over time...

Meta Structure that can evolve over time, yet can hold the Stone Soup

A Way that allows us to work together and relate to One Another rightly.

Safe To Fail experiments.

Timing Chronos and Kairos

Time is one of the most underutilized concepts around.


Path Dependency

Old Rules

New Rules

Old Game

New Game

I can have almost anything, just not all at once. Takes away angst, grief, anxiety... stretches possibility.

You can do the same thing with the Space axis... if you can just stretch the container to be more spacious...

Many thoughts ideologies forms if we get the Rules and Culture right and spacious enough.

Many people, thinking many ways, some I don't agree with, some speak different languages.

We have New opportunites all the time. The only failed Experiment is one that we do not Learn from.

In the Meta Story an aspect of knowing there is so much more here, so much more possible.

The Mechanics of Stories - they come from our hands, our bodies, our senses, and so many other subconscious inputs. They are only sharable at some level, because so many layers are subconscious. The details and the things we are actually doing show how we are changing. We can often see changes in what we are doing before we have words to reflect that. Coherence or integrity is when the words we are saying match what we are doing. It is good to have the abstraction at the top, and to match that up against specific details and actions.

If we commit to something small and doable, and we see success... when we experience success together in a way that can't be argued with... changes us, even if we don't know it or aren't aware. Even for people who don't have the awareness because it is somewhere else, it still works.

Building the tangible opportunities for success small or big.

Then enumerate, illustrate, count and illustrate the new.

Goes hand in hand into how we show up, into the New rules and the New game and the New way of being.

The Doing and Being are intertwined. The simple actions are encoded in our bodies memories, and if we do them long enough become part of our whole being. Even if you don't have words, it will strike others as Coherence and Integrity.

When we are Curious we can learn about ourselves and others.

We are here to Witness and Support and ask if it is working, and have Dialogue. What we need to accomplish is so big that none of us could Make It Happen. We have to Unlearn the framings to which we were originally exposed.

That is a dimension of Inquity and Inspiration that is critical to the Process / Way we use so it becomes a Why and a How question, not a What question.

Enabling Words and Disabling Words Judith Bentham.

Behaviors that Served Us Well at one point in life, that are no longer Serving Us Well.

Generosity and Hope that needs to be conveyed. All big ideas can be criticized in that way.

Energetics of Being. Culture of Complaining is a particular Energy.

Children often do not process events in terms of Complaining unless they are trained to.

If we know how to have the Hygeine of good space... and know how to evoke it, repair it... so that even as we all mess up, there are others in this web or network of State that makes so much more possible.

The Phrases that are Limiting that we need to Unlearn.

Somehow find a Way to Speak Into Being.

The ability to set up Data and Science from our Dialogue.

Each Sovereign will have different Energies. They will not be able to Articulate it because it is in process.

People won't be able to voice Where They Are At and Why.

Until everyone is trained to sense the Energy and that becomes the Collective Energy, there is risk.

So we want to collect enough Energy early enough, not defer that... grabbing it early enough, having the brave convesations, that cannot be brought back to the starting point.

The seeds of Hope are there in stories of Guilt and Shame... The Green Shoots and Potential that are present in the stories.

When you tell the Story it brings in the Energy of Possibility. It surfaces things that we didn't know were possible.

Most of the time people can't see Choice. There is often Choice where we don't see it.


I am beginning to more fully use my Agency. Human species is still awakening to the notion of Agency. In community, we are learning about our collective Agency - what is possible together.

Powerful, empowering, choice giving stories about how to be well individually, together, with what is here, with what is arising...

Other people's stories open up possibilities...

We will need the Story Data to keep ourselves together.

Voice notes: Get to say what is important, and hear the context and nuance.

There are a lot of different instruments in the Symphony. Music demonstrates to us how that comes together, and how things that start in one voice are echoed and modified in other voices, and that is how the symphony builds...