5.22 Starting With The Source Of Time And Energy

If our New System and New Way is to be totally harmonized with the Living System, One, and All...

…and totally optimized to produce Throughput of The Goal

…then we must think and design very deeply, returning all the way back beyond our Being and Doing, to their Source.

What is Space? What is Time? What Being?

Where is the Ancient Foundation?

What is the Source from which All arises?

What is the Meta Intention? What is the Meta Goal?

Return to the One.

Start with [One].

Progress with One.

End with One.

Start with the absolute and eternal abundance of Time and Energy that we are freely given with every moment and every breath.

Then, step by step, one by one, begin aligning seconds and breaths to produce Throughput of The Goal.

If it is not producing Throughput of The Goal, do not spend a second or a breath in that way.

The Way is to Co-Create Throughput of The Goal in Divine partnership with One and All.

This is the Way towards Purpose and Meaning.

This is the Way we begin to optimize each unit of Time, Energy, Breath, and Life to produce Throughput of The Goal via a New System entirely harmonized with the One and the Living System flowing from It.

This will need to be a very Wise and comprehensive design indeed.

Perfectly consistent with the Highest Intention and Goal, from highest level concept, to lowest level detail; from the Source of Time and Energy, through Time and Energy, through our Way of Being and Becoming, expressed into our Doing, in order to bring about Throughput of The Goal, for the benefit of All past, present, and future generations of Life and Consciousness.

This is the Way towards The Goal.

This is the Way towards greatest Purpose and Meaning.

This is the Way towards the One.

This is the Ancient yet Eternal Way.

Walk ye in it.

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