6.14 Recomposing Notions Of The One

The same Creative Consciousness that can decompose and articulate elements of the One across Space and Time, also recomposes those elements back into an approximation of the Whole.

You can arrive at the One by working from the top down, or from the bottom up.

Looking at billions of instances, observing categorical Prototypes, abstracting out Archetypes, and then going to limit of Abstraction to find the Central Animating Spirit of All, which by definition and logic must be One.

You can also arrive at the All by working from the top down.

Looking at the One, abstracting out Its essential characteristics into Archetypes, laying out an array of Prototypes, that in turn manifest in billions of instances.

You can also replace top and bottom above so that instead of looking at the One as the King of Kings, you are looking at One as the Foundation or Ground of Being of All.

The Greatest is the Servant of All.

Stretching the limits of Consciousness, zooming in to the most micro manifestation that we can conceptualize, and then zooming out to the most macro totality that we can conceptualize, starting from the bottom and working up to the top, starting from the top and working down to the bottom, starting from the outside and looking in, starting from the inside and looking out.

Looking ever deeper. Looking ever higher. Looking ever wider. Looking ever smaller.

Always returning to the Center. Always returning to the Whole.

Rightly Relating to One and All, to the entire Gegstalt of Creation and Its Source, never getting caught in the middle, always reemerging and rediscovering the Whole.

Remember, if you ever get lost anywhere in the All, return to the One.

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