4.31 The Marvelous Possibility Of Knowing

When we are humble enough to admit the obvious and certain Reality that We Do Not Know, something truly marvelous emerges:

The possibility of Knowing.

When the possibility of knowing manifests itself, we can then state along with the great and noble souls:

“I do not know, but I will search it out. I will follow the Golden Thread of Truth and Wisdom wherever it leads. I will ever navigate towards greater Wisdom and Understanding. I do not know the answers, but I do know that Wisdom will reveal itself to me as I search for it with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength. She is more precious than silver or gold, and nothing I could desire could compare with her.”

When one admits they do not know, and longs to know with their whole being, and is willing to brave the dangerous and epic Quest to discover the Truth and Wisdom of what is and ought to be, no matter the consequences and no matter where they lead…

…possibilities emerge that are beyond anything that we could conceive of.

The bars are removed from the cage we had imprisoned ourselves in, and the Spirit of Truth is once again at liberty to enter, and thereby Liberate us.

Yet when we pass through the terrifying Boundary of Knowing that separates that which we think we know, from the infinite Unknown that lies outside of those walls, the most marvelous possibility emerges.

While we were formerly confined inside the safety and walls of knowing, when we emerge through the Threshold of the Boundary we discover that those were the walls of a tiny prison in the midst of the a previously unimaginable Reality.

We discover that while we were previously making our way through a dark and damp jungle, illuminated by the feeble light of our lantern, and guided by the worn map of what others told us was reality, we are now outside the walls where the universe is illuminated by the something far brighter than the sun.

We find ourselves in a land that although still terrifying and unknown in its endless majesty and unsearchable expansiveness, is eternally being illuminated and is illuminating us.

Outside the Boundary, we discover that we are one with it.

The brilliant Light of our New World is as foreign to the damp Darkness of our Old World as the brilliance of a New Dawn is to one who has lived their lives imprisoned in the Caves.

The expansiveness of the vistas are breathtaking. The infinite adventure beckons us and draws us ever deeper out into the mysteries of paradise.

Liberated from the walls of that which we thought we know, we have opened up the marvelous possibility and danger of knowing, and nothing will ever be the same.

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