4.32 Take Your Shoes Off

When the bars finally fall from our cage, and the scales finally fall from our eyes, and Spirit of Truth bursts in upon us, and we finally stop to see for the first time...

…we realize that everything is like a burning bush.

One speaks to us.

“Take your shoes off. The place you are standing on is Sacred ground.”

There in the desert, finally liberated from the shackles of the life we thought we knew, we stand face to face with Ultimate Reality as it actually is. We see it for the first time. Every bush is aflame and speaking to us.

“Remember who you are. Your life, and the life of generations to come, depends on your ability to rediscover and Rightly Relate to the infinite Mystery that is desperately longing to reveal Itself to you.”

This staggering call pierces the quiet morning. It wakes you from your sleep.

The responsibility is not for the faint of heart. But we are not faint of heart. Something greater than we can possibly imagine is latent and asleep within us. Waiting. Longing. Feverishly yearning for the Divine kiss that will awaken and unleash it.

What is It? Who is It?

Do we know who we are?

Do we remember what lies dormant within us?

Surely not, or we would not be Where We Are.

Listen for the words that hold the key to Life and Death.

Quiet your vocal chords. Quiet your Mind. Be still. Wait.

Take your shoes off. The place you are standing is Holy ground.

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