Above The Chaos, Food And Anti-Food

By Jordan Nicholas Sukut, 2024.01.30 (updated 2024.01.30)

A post in Above The Chaos

In the post Above The Chaos, 80 Percent of Homes, Schools, and Workplaces are Fostering Chronic Illness, we covered the mechanics of Chronic Inflammation as the core driver of Chronic Disease in more detail, and explained how the Immune System responds to persistent exposure to environmental toxins.

One way to make the exposure to toxins far worse is to directly consume them through food and drink.

The vast majority of our Food Systems are compromised and producing something akin to Anti-Food in the name of Food.

One of the goals of the Lionsberg System is to articulate and reinstantiate a complete Way (of living, being, doing), that if we were to Embody and Enact, would result in the Progressive Realization of The Goal.

This requires sorting out each Level of Abstraction, from Ultimate Reality, down through the theological, philosophical, theoretical, and into the most basic details and realities of existence, such as Food and Drink.

When it comes to the most basic co-operation of our Embodiment, one of the first rules is Do Not Harm.

In a sea of virtually infinite inputs, there are many potential pathways towards Progressive Realization of Potential. Therefore on the side of the Positive, the theory is something like Continuous Learning And Improvement, with the Aim being to Become A Little Better Every Day. There are many potential pathways up the Sacred Mountain.

Even though We Do Not Know precisely how to Embody the Highest Way, when it comes to the side of the Negative or the Anti, we can know what causes unnecessary Pain, Suffering, Failure, and Death and avoid them.

Therefore one of the first steps on the Way towards The Goal is to stop poisoning our Selves with Anti-Food.

While that can be accomplished individually with some difficulty and discipline, this will ultimately require a significant bottom up transformation of our Food Systems ensuring universal availability positive and transformational inputs for all beings, while progressively eliminating the marketing and consumption of toxins and pathogens known to destroy our Selves and our loved ones.

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