0.4 A Way of Life

We are not setting out for you merely a martial art.

We are setting out for you a Way of Life. A Way of Being.

This Way is rooted in the simultaneous and progressive transformation of every aspect of your being towards their pinnacle of integrated Potential.

It then guides you in the integration and deployment of that growing well of Potential and Power to create and destroy in service of Life and Love, One and All.

Unlike many other arts which are rooted in external forms and techniques, there is no way to externally fake this Way.

It arises from the integrated depths of one's being, which are in turn arising from the integrated depths of Something far deeper than ones Self.

When we strike, we strike from the depths of the Universe.

There is little point in learning the external form and techniques, if one has not transformed ones Self into a living conduit of a far greater Power.

As one transforms itself into a conduit of the Power creating and sustaining Heaven and Earth, one discovers that the forms and techniques are of little value in comparison to the eternally surpassing Value of the One they progressing towards Oneness with.

Therefore it has been rightly said:

"To know the Way, one must Live it"

This Way belongs to that magical class of things, which we can never know whether they are true, unless we attempt to act them out and embody them.

So if you are willing to take the risk of attempting to act out and become a living embodiment of a Way of Life and Being with us, we are willing to help guide you towards that Goal.

Like you, we also have our own feet on the Path.

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