0.5 A Teacher is Only a Guide

We have discovered that we cannot actually teach.

We can only guide those who genuinely want to learn, by helping them confront and overcome the Challenges and Obstacles that lie in the Way.

We can show you the Way towards The Goal, however you are the hero who must voluntarily choose to embark with your whole being on a journey of progressively discovering and becoming your Destiny.

You are the one who must be willing to venture out of the Old and Knwon, and into the New and Uknown.

You are the one who must test yourself, forge yourself, and transform yourself into the kind of being that is able to navigate through the dangers, toils, and snares of Unknown, to reach the Noble Goal of Your Quest.

Remember that those you may look to as "teaching" you are merely guides to help you learn, explore, discover, and draw out the unique potential that is already inherent within you. And remember that as a teacher helps you learn, you help them learn. We are all teachers. We are all guides. We are all learners.

You are not an empty vessel to be filled up. You are full of something beyond your imagination that is longing to express itself through you into embodied Reality as an aspect of the One created for the benefit of All.

You are not a block of clay destined to be formed into the image or ideas of someone else. You are block of clay being formed into a unique and special manifestation of the One.

You are a unique and important Creation, meant to properly attune the fullness of your being to the fundamental harmonizing tone of Ultimate Reality so that the universal Way can flow freely through the unique vessel It has created to help make Itself manifest.

True progress in the Way is achieved as we All Help One Another progress towards the universal Goal of discovering and achieving the great Potential that is already latent within us and longing to emerge.

Far more important than choosing the right art, is choosing the right Guide, who can show you the eternal Way that lies beyond all names, all forms, all institutions, and all knowing.

The Way is an experiential Reality, not a named art or form. Transcend all names and forms, and find a wise Guide who can show you the Way Beyond.

In the final account, the question is not about martial arts, but the purpose and meaning of life, and whether you succeeded or fail in your Quest towards The Goal.

In the End, that will be all that matters.

But do not worry, do not be afraid. We will be right there beside you, walking with you, progressing with you. We too have our own feet on the path. We too are still learning and progressing.

In fact, the farther we have travelled in the Way, the farther we realize we are away from the Goal. It is strange, It pulls us towards Itself and unifies us with Itself, as its Perfection recedes. Not because It is actually receding, but because we are becoming the kinds of beings that can Perceive It more clearly.

It is a strange, mysterious, wonderful and intoxicating thing when you realize that there is more within you and more beyond you than you can possibly imagine, and that it is possible to bring those things into ever greater Unity, even as the perceived distance between them grows.

This is one of the many mysteries of the Way.

However to truly know and understand these words, you will have to venture out and experience Reality and Ultimate Reality beyond your existing Boundary.

Words fail. To know the Way, one must live it.

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