0.6 Our Story

We suppose that you may be interested in the story of how we came to be keepers of these mysteries.

For whatever reason, we have been swept through a very unusual series of experiences.

It is a series of events that has caused us to realize our moral obligation to attempt to integrate the various realms of Wisdom and Knowledge that have been passed on to us, and to pass them on to All in a Way that will operationalize the inheritance, and transform it into a collectively embodied Way of Being.

You should not be interested in our knowledge. You should be interested in the thousands of years of knowledge, distilled by Masters in a variety of domains, who descended to share it with us.

And perhaps you may be interested in the Way we are striving to weave it together into one comprehensive philosophy and solution to Life and Society.

When we found ourselves Thrown into the transition between millennia, we searched and searched and could not rediscover the integrated System we were expecting to have been carried on.

So we spent a lifetime searching it back out, and reassembling it.

It is still a major work in progress, so we are offering this up as a Living Guide to a Living Way.

We are taking the risks of embarrassing our Selves by writing it down into form now, as a rough draft at the outset, in case its implementation and operationalization again costs us our lives.

Were that to be the case, it is our hope that some brave souls may carry it forward, and do their best to protect it, preserve it, and equip as many others as possible with its Power.

Our qualifications are not noteworthy. We could be anyone from anywhere.

We studied multiple arts with multiple masters before transcending them to recreate a successor system that reintegrated them back into integrity, coherence, and harmony with One and with All.

By carefully avoiding any schools or teachers that required memberships, vows, or secrecy, and by taking the risk to leave behind the credibility in Old systems that come with multiple degrees in various areas, and by risking everything to co-create something New, and by enduring the abuse, rejection and death of Old lives and reputations in order to rise into something entirely New, we have regained, at tremendous cost, the FREEDOM AND LIBERTY that comes with transcending the Old structures and paradigms, and ascending back towards direct Right Relationship with One and All, and the Power and Authority that comes therewith.

Because we could be anyone from anywhere, and because you could be anyone from anywhere, it means that we are both qualified and enough to succeed on the next stages of this Quest together.

Our story is merely an archetypical story lived out with the vivid extremes that allow you to perhaps see more clearly your own story, and how our stories fit together in the Meta Story.

Our experience along the Way led us through bachelors and masters degrees from top universities, black belt degrees from martial arts Masters, the co-creation of civic infrastructure and edifices, the creation of companies and non-profits, figuring out how to forge higher order unity from the myriad of forces and drives within us and our world, speaking Truth, grappling with the corruption plaguing the white-washed tombs of church and state, wrestling with relationships, love, and sexuality, wrestling with the Reality we found ourselves thrown into, and wrestling with God at levels deeper than life, gaining what few have ever gained, losing what few have ever lost, traveling, studying and forging relationships around the world, searching out a diversity of cultures and traditions to find the Golden Threads that we could follow back to the Way towards the One, leaving the path and falling into the traps and pits that have claimed so many lives, and discovering how to reintegrate / resurrect / return as a transformed, wiser, and more powerful Force For Good.

Having been reborn to a starting point as a more fully fledged being than we have ever been, and gazing into an ever more clarifying Reality of the existing forces and conditions bearing down upon our lives and our world, it is clear that we must rise together, All of us, to cast off the shackles and corrupt power structures plaguing, exploiting, and binding us, and liberate our Selves to forge the flourishing and abundant future that One and All who Love desire.

Yet having grappled repeatedly with them in past stories, our naïveté to the Reality of Evil and Injustice in our world has been shattered. We understand through painful series of experience that the oppressors will never willingly free the oppressed.

How many times have the eternal stories in our sacred texts proven to be true?

We have discovered that rising above the waters of our present Chaos and speaking the True and magical words that bring a new Order that is most Good unfolds in a Way that is something like an epic Battle.

There is a reason the stories and movies call out to us.

The archetypical stories show us shades of the deeper realities that are at play.

They bring to light and reveal what we sense deep within our souls.

It is indeed the kind of moment that has been prophesied, and that All Creation has been groaning for.

It is indeed a battle.

But present upon Earth is the Force for Good that was created uniquely for this moment, and uniquely for this battle.

Have you not known and felt called up into it from your youth?

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