0.8 Strong Not Safe

Understanding that in order to avoid Avoid Failure and Succeed we must venture out beyond the Boundary to confront and overcome the Chaos and Existential Threats in their lair, and understanding that the battle to liberate the people and treasure held captive will not be easy, and may cost us our lives...

...we are aware that it is not going to be possible to entirely protect and keep one another safe.

Therefore the only antidote to the Chaos is to make one another strong.

The Way we protect one another is not by keeping one another safe, but by making one another strong.

The stronger we are, the safer we are, not because we are fearfully cowering inside the Boundary, but because we have helped One Another become the kinds of beings who can move in comfort outside The Boundary, no matter what enemies or obstacles may dare to manifest themselves us.

Like fire consumes anything presented to it, and transforms it into strength, so too will every Obstacle and Enemy be transformed into fuel for your advance.

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